“Nashville Collective of Entrepreneurs Unite to Create & Launch a New Athleisure Apparel Company”

Nashville, TN, October 5, 2021 – A collective of entrepreneurs unite to create and launch a new athleisure apparel company, Divacise.  Divacise is launching today with the goal to create a worldwide community of healthier and mentally strong women. DIVA in Divacise stands for Drive, Integrity*, Vitality & Awareness. Divacise wants women around the world to think about the activities, interests and conversations that fascinate and energize you to strive for overall health. According to the “Help Guide”, regular exercise can help you improve your physical health but more importantly in these pandemic times it can help you deal with depression, anxiety, stress and more! The Divacise company and brand wants to inspire women to create a community dedicated to continuous growth and global wellness optimism. 

Many studies have shown that the importance of community and interaction for overall mental and physical health are key. Divacise is an athleisure brand that specializes in athletic, activewear and supplementary health products designed to make their customers feel fierce about pursuing their health goals with confidence to inspire a global movement of positively impacting family and local communities. 

The athletic apparel industry is offering more options that will allow wearers to easily transition between leisure and exercise. Some in the industry have branded this trend as “Athleisure”. Customers are interested in trimming down their wardrobes and buying key pieces of apparel that can be worn in different contexts. Divacise is aiming to inspire social media influencers to share its message of wellness, empowerment, fitness and health consciousness all in the space of fashion and athleisure. 

For more information about Divacise, it’s launch initiatives, athleisure line and to get fit with Divacise today go to